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  • My spelling checker does not want to work. What is wrong?

    The spelling checker only works on Microsoft® Office and it requires Microsoft® Windows as operating system. The spelling checker will not work on Open Office or Office for Mac. Refer to the minimum requirements in the product information.

  • I have installed the spelling checker, but I do not see the icon or a way of activating the spelling checker?

    The spelling checker for Afrikaans, just like the English spelling checker, is a plugin program that plugs into Microsoft® Office. Therefore, you do not have to open the spelling checker or execute an action in order to active the spelling checker. You simply have to select the relevant text and change your language to Afrikaans to activate the spelling checker. The language can be changed by double-clicking on the language indicated on the status bar located at the bottom of Microsoft® Word (the bar that indicates the page number and other information from the spelling checker).

  • I changed the spelling checker to Afrikaans, but it keeps jumping back to English, how do I set the spelling checker to stay on Afrikaans?

    Because Microsoft® Word can use more than one spelling checker in one document, it is important to select your whole document (if you only want to use the Afrikaans spelling checker in the document) by holding in the Ctrl key and pressing A on the keyboard. Change the language to Afrikaans as described in the answer above. If you move around to any place in the document, the spelling checker will stay on Afrikaans. If you save the document, Microsoft® Word will remember that you selected the Afrikaans spelling checker for the specific document.

  • Is there an easy way to switch between Afrikaans and English in the same document?

    This solution works for Microsoft® Word. Please follow the following steps:

    1. Highlight the relevant text.
    2. Click on "Review"
    3. Click on "Language"
    4. Click on "Set Proofing Language”
    5. Select the preferred language from the “Mark selected text as” list
    6. Click "OK"

    Now you only have to highlight the part of the document that you want to change and choose the language you prefer out of the available list. It is as easy as that.

  • My document stays on the English spelling checker, although I set my default language to Afrikaans?

    You must remember that a document is saved with a preferred spelling checker. If you have not used an Afrikaans spelling checker before, English will be set as the preferred language and you will have to set the specific document to Afrikaans and save it again.

  • How do I switch between the Afrikaans and English spelling checker?

    The easiest way is as follows: In your Microsoft® Word program, click on Tools – Language – Set Language. Choose the language you want to use. Also click on the “Default” button. That will change the language immediately and it will also ensure that any new document will use that language preference to spell check.

  • How can I see which version of Office I am using?

    The easiest way to see if your Microsoft® Office package is compatible is to open your Microsoft® Word program. With newer versions of Microsoft® Word, click on “File – Account” and read under “Product Information”.